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Indoor Archery Party

Archery parties seems to have become quite popular over the last few months. They might not involve top end coaching and performance development, but they are good fun and a great way to introduce young people to the sport. So I was delighted to be asked to put on another archery party using the indoor range at Ellesmere College. After an introduction and safety brief, I … Read More »

Indoor Archery Party

Having done my first archery party in October, it was an unexpected surprise to be asked to do another one so soon. The last one was for a group of girls, so it was nice to have a boys' 9th birthday party this time around. With the usual weather at this time of year, it seemed that opting for indoors was the obvious choice and it … Read More »

Archery Party

Every now and again it makes a nice change to actually work inside for a bit, and even better if it's a fun party. This afternoon, I found myself at Ellesmere College, using their indoor range to put on an archery party for the daughter of a member of staff (and good friend). I like trying to get a balance between approaching something like archery with … Read More »

A Week of Multi Activities with Adventure +

This is now the forth Summer of Adventure +, a kids holiday club run by Ellesmere College. They get me in to supply most of the 'adventure', and use other opportunities on and off site to provide the '+'. Although the club runs from Monday to Friday, I normally just get involved with the first four days, leaving them to do something like go-karting without … Read More »

Archery with the Shropshire Housing Group

The Shropshire Housing Group spent today on the grounds of the Albrighton Hall Hotel, just north of Shrewsbury. This morning was spent indoors in self contained meetings, but they were allowed out to blow off steam during the afternoon with a team from the Adventure Rope Course, which conveniently happens to be on the same site as the hotel, making it ideal for this type … Read More »

Archery with the Young Farmers

This evening I had a group from the Whittington and Oswestry Young Farmers Club for a couple of hours of archery. They're usual routine is to meet up for a bit of an activity of one sort or another, before heading down to the pub for the rest of the evening. I certainly wouldn't fancy giving them bows and arrows after their visit to the … Read More »

Archery and Orienteering with Adventure +

Ellesmere College is fortunate enough to have a wide variety of facilities, and one addition to this over recent years has been to indoor archery range. By fitting specially designed netting behind the targets and over any windows, they have been able to create a range inside an old sports hall. This morning, we decided to put this facility to good use by running an archery … Read More »

Archery with the Adventure Experts

This afternoon, I found myself running an archery session for two lads that had signed up for one of the sessions offered by the Adventure Experts. This is a group of local outdoor activity providers that have come together to offer a range of sessions throughout August, in an attempt to encourage people to get out there and try something new. It's not very often that … Read More »

Bike Skills and Archery at Ellesmere College

Today was one of those days when if felt as though I hardly had time to breath. Although I'm working on Ellesmere College's Adventure + program this week, they are also very busy with other groups on the College grounds at the moment. Among them are the girls cricket squads from Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire. Naturally, their focus is their cricket, but I was asked to … Read More »

Archery with Ellesmere Primary School

A couple of weeks ago, I'd tried to arrange to do an after school archery session for some of the pupils from Ellesmere Primary School. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get all the logistics in place in time and the session had to be cancelled - much to everyone's disappointment. With the clocks having now changed, and the lack of daylight in the late afternoon … Read More »