Archery with Ellesmere Primary School

A couple of weeks ago, I’d tried to arrange to do an after school archery session for some of the pupils from Ellesmere Primary School. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get all the logistics in place in time and the session had to be cancelled – much to everyone’s disappointment. With the clocks having now changed, and the lack of daylight in the late afternoon as a result, we tried again but this time for a Saturday morning. At this time of year, you never know what the weather might throw at you. However, other than being a bit chilly, the sun was out with clear blue skies which was a great bonus.

The pupils were from school Years 4 to 6 (8-11 year olds) and a mix of boys and girls, so we had a variety of sizes and strengths amongst the group but, with a variety of different bow sizes and strengths, we managed to find something appropriate for everyone.

After the usual introduction and safety briefing, we worked on developing technique a bit. This actually takes much more practice than it might seem. It’s all about developing consistency in your stance, body position, where and how you hold the bow and the string as well as where you visually aim it. With so many variables, it can seem to the beginner that nothing they do has the expected effect.

Having got everyone shooting roughly straight, we started a few games involving scoring and shooting balloons (always popular – with adults as well as kids!). As is normally the case, some took to it more easily than others, but everyone developed their technique and performance during the 2 hour session.

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