The Welsh 3000s

The Welsh 3000s (or 15 Peaks) is a challenge that involves reaching the top all 15 of Wales’ 3000ft mountains. Due to the geography of it all, it’s all done on your own two feet.

Crib_GochDepending on your mindset, the Welsh 3000s can be attempted as one very long day, or split over 3 days for those that would rather take their time to allow sore feet and tired legs to recover.

The walk is split into three sections, with 3 peaks on the Snowdon massif, 5 peaks in the Glyderau mountain range and a further 7 peaks on the Carneddau.

The purists challenge is to stand on the summit of all 15 mountains within a 24 hour period. Although perfectly manageable, anyone toying with the idea of attempting this challenge should be careful not to underestimate the psychological demands as well as the physical ones. Walking for this long is hard work and we have had people sleep walking part of the Carneddau before now!

Weather can play a significant factor in an attempt on the Welsh 3000s. A fine day means the map can be stowed away and rarely referred to, whilst poor visibility makes everything slower and rain can make it feel like a very long slog. At the end of the day, we never know what conditions we’ll get thrown at us, so you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

For those looking to go for the 24 hour attempt, it makes sense to go for it in May to August, while the days are still long and the conditions are generally drier. There’s more flexibility for those wanting to spread the challenge over three days, but daylight is always a consideration.

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