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Concord College DofE Practice Expedition

This was the first chance I've had to get involved with the Concord College DofE programme. I've been asked for several years now, but always been committed to other work, so I was pleased to see a gap in my diary when they asked me again this year. I met the staff and students at the college first thing this morning to check kit and agree … Read More »

Gold DofE Canoe Training

I've been really privileged this week to work with a fantastic group in preparation for a Gold DofE canoe expedition. Some had done a fair bit of paddling before (one had done his 2 star award with me a couple of weeks ago), while others were completely new to it. On Monday, we took a short trip to the Shropshire Union Canal at the Lion Quays … Read More »

DofE Practice Expedition

After a productive weekend of training a fortnight ago, this weekend was an opportunity for the candidates from Oswestry School to undergo their Bronze DofE practice expedition to put their new found skills into action. Once all the necessary kit checks were done, we dropped the three walking groups off at the Ponderosa Cafe, on the Horseshoe Pass above Llangollen. Each group had planned their own … Read More »

DofE Bronze Training

This weekend marked the start of this year's DofE Bronze expedition season for me. Oswestry School's DofE programme has become a regular fixture in my diary, and one to look forward to, so it was with a degree of expectancy I headed out for the weekend. We actually spent the first half of Saturday on the school site, looking at how to put up (and take … Read More »

Silver DofE Assessed Expedition in the Berwyns

It feels like I've been working on this Silver DofE expedition with these four young men for years now. It's only been 4 months, but we've come a long way in that time. Having done their training in April, and conducted a very successful practice expedition in May/June, it seems about time that Tom, Alfie, Jack and Jonathan should get their assessed expedition out of … Read More »

Gold DofE Practice with Shrewsbury School

Having spent last week with Shrewsbury School, working on their Bronze DofE assessed expeditions, I was drafted in at relatively short notice to supervise a Gold DofE Practice expedition. They were actually due to do their practice in April, but it had to be postponed due to the excessive snow for the time of year. The group will be doing their assessed expedition in the … Read More »

Bronze DofE Assessments with Shrewsbury School

Having been involved withe the training and practice expeditions over the last couple of months, it was great to be involved with the Bronze DofE assessments this week as well. It would be inappropriate to assess groups that you've already dealt with on training or assessment, but Shrewsbury School normally have about 16 walking groups going out each Summer, giving plenty of opportunity to work … Read More »

Silver DofE Practice Expedition in the Berwyns

Through the glorious sunshine of the last 3 days, I've had the pleasure of running a Silver DofE Practice Expedition for a group of 4 lads from the local secondary school. I actually did their training back in April around the Shropshire Hills near Church Stretton, but they are looking for a slightly more remote area for their assessment. I actually walked with them on Thursday … Read More »

Bronze DofE Practice with Shrewsbury School

This has been my sixth consecutive weekend on DofE expedition work - this time with Shrewsbury School. A fair amount of the time was spent recapping things that have already been covered, and checking skills and knowledge in preparation for their assessed expedition in June. On Saturday night, my group had the task of erecting tents and cooking dinner in the dark after a late … Read More »

Bronze DofE Training with Oswestry School

I found myself back over in the Berwyns again this weekend with Oswestry School, working on their Bronze DofE training weekend. This has become a regular fixture in the diary over the last few years, and we've settled into a formula that works well. Based out of Carrog Station Campsite, to the West of Llangollen we have access to a number of great opportunities. There's sufficient … Read More »