Rock Climbing Courses

Starting Indoors Course

Indoor climbing walls have sprung up all over the place in recent years. They have made climbing more accessible to those with no previous experience or equipment, which has been great for the sport.

This course is a brilliant way to become acquainted with the essentials of indoor climbing, enabling you to proceed with greater awareness and increased safety. The course looks at the fitting of harnesses, appropriate knots and equipment, belaying techniques, basic climbing techniques and drawers your attention to the risks associated with indoor climbing walls.

Duration 1 Day
Maximum ratio 1:4
Cost per person £50
Dates available Contact us

Moving Outdoors Course

Rock climbing courses in Snowdonia, Shropshire and North WalesA growing number of people start to develop their climbing skills on indoor walls and want to transfer them to the outdoors, but need a helping hand to give them the confidence to make the jump. If you fall into this ever growing category, this is the course for you.

We look at selecting appropriate venues, safety on outdoor crags, crag etiquette, interpreting guide books and appropriate knots. Most of the second day is given to setting up top and bottom rope systems.

Duration 2 Days
Maximum ratio 1:4
Cost per person £100
Dates available Contact us

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