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Canoe Party

I've been away so much over the last few months, that I haven't been around my local area to do any birthday parties for a while now. So it was nice to be invited to help James and his friends enjoy his special day with a canoe party in Ellesmere. His parents had opted for a late afternoon session, to be followed with a party tea … Read More »

Families & Parties at the Adventure Rope Course

It was a busy day for me at the Adventure Rope Course, just north of Shrewsbury, with a combination of a family and group of boys this morning and a girls party this afternoon. It meant an early start to get down there and get everything set unready to go. With little idea of what the families would want to do, it meant getting everything … Read More »

Tara’s Rock Climbing Party

I was a little surprised to be asked to put on a rock climbing party in the cold of December, but we seem to have got away with it. Two years ago, I was asked to do a high ropes session for Tara's birthday. This time round she was up for something a bit more adventurous and rugged, and was prepared to tyke a chance … Read More »

Canoe Party on The Mere

The time of year has arrived when I find myself paddling on The Mere fairly regularly. Whether it be for skills courses, team building, schools groups or parties, The Mere is a great venue for a broad section of people. This morning was the second canoe party of the year. Much warmer than the last one, but still quite breezy which was always going to cause … Read More »

Chilly Canoe Party on The Mere

Any parties I've done over the last few months have been indoors. This was the first outdoor party of the year. The middle of March was always going to be a bit of a gamble, but the weather we've had in recent weeks is far from typical for the time of year. Waking to an iced up car and struggling to get at my kit … Read More »

Indoor Archery Party

Archery parties seems to have become quite popular over the last few months. They might not involve top end coaching and performance development, but they are good fun and a great way to introduce young people to the sport. So I was delighted to be asked to put on another archery party using the indoor range at Ellesmere College. After an introduction and safety brief, I … Read More »

Indoor Archery Party

Having done my first archery party in October, it was an unexpected surprise to be asked to do another one so soon. The last one was for a group of girls, so it was nice to have a boys' 9th birthday party this time around. With the usual weather at this time of year, it seemed that opting for indoors was the obvious choice and it … Read More »

Archery Party

Every now and again it makes a nice change to actually work inside for a bit, and even better if it's a fun party. This afternoon, I found myself at Ellesmere College, using their indoor range to put on an archery party for the daughter of a member of staff (and good friend). I like trying to get a balance between approaching something like archery with … Read More »

A Day of Canoe Parties

It's been a busy day today with two canoe parties. Thankfully, both where at The Mere in Ellesmere, otherwise I doubt I'd have been able to do both. The first was for Sian, you turned 15 earlier in the week. She's invited a mixture of friends from School (in Shrewsbury) and the local area for a couple of hours of fun on the water. We actually … Read More »

Adventure Rope Course Party

This afternoon, I had the great pleasure of joining Tara to celebrate her 13th birthday at the Adventure Rope Course. With a group of friends in tow, we'd arranged to spend a couple of hours having some fun on a variety of activities where the girls could work together. Due to the recent strong winds we've been experiencing across the country, I arrived good and early … Read More »