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Team Building with Ellesmere Titans

The Ellesmere Titans swimming squad have a training camp running this week. Much of their time is understandably spent in the pool but, even for them, all day in the water gets a bit much. Consequently, the programme has been split up to include a variety of other things. I was asked to come in and provide 3 hours worth of team building exercises for the … Read More »

Team Building with Ellesmere College Lower School

This time last year I was asked to run a team building day with the Year 7 pupils at Ellesmere College. It was a day run for several successive years by Huw Gilbert, a fellow outdoor instructor and friend. Last year, Huw was unable to make it due to a prior booking and asked me to stand in. This year, we decided that we'd try … Read More »

Team Building with Ellesmere College

As part of their PSHE programme, Ellesmere College put a large chunk of a day aside to focus on team building and team dynamics with their Year 7 pupils. For about 6 years now, this has been run by Huw Gilbert, a fellow outdoor instructor that also acts as my Technical Advisor for all things mountainous. Unfortunately for Huw, by the time Ellesmere College tried … Read More »

Harper Adams at the Adventure Rope Course

Haper Adams is an agricultural college based in Shropshire. Many of their courses have an influx of foreign students for the final year of the course, especially from China. For the last several years, staff from the college have brought these final year students to the Adventure Rope Course as a vehicle to break down barriers and integrate the students from different language and cultural … Read More »

Archery with the Shropshire Housing Group

The Shropshire Housing Group spent today on the grounds of the Albrighton Hall Hotel, just north of Shrewsbury. This morning was spent indoors in self contained meetings, but they were allowed out to blow off steam during the afternoon with a team from the Adventure Rope Course, which conveniently happens to be on the same site as the hotel, making it ideal for this type … Read More »

St George’s School at the Adventure Rope Course

Today, I was part of a team that hosted pupils from St George's Primary School at the Adventure Rope Course, just north of Shrewsbury. It was intended as a team building day, to develop relationships and cooperation among the pupils at the beginning of the school year. With 8 groups of about 10 excited kids, it was a pretty busy place to be working today! All … Read More »

Harper Adams at the Adventure Rope Course

Both Friday and today, I found myself working at the Adventure Rope Course with groups from Harper Adams University College. The college specialises in agriculture and land based studies, and has a large foreign intake into the final year of many of it's courses. As a result, the British based students have formed established relationships by this point and a day at the Adventure Rope … Read More »

Canoeing with Pegasus Planning Group

This morning I had the pleasure of spending some time with the staff from the Birmingham branch of the Pegasus Planning Group, based in Sutton Coldfield. Today was their chance to get out of the office and let their hair down with an 'jolly'. When they originally contacted me, the plan was to spend the morning on the River Severn, probably doing the trip from Shrewsbury … Read More »

Harper Adams at the Adventure Rope Course

The last two days have seen over 100 students from Harper Adams University College come through the gates at the Adventure Rope Course. With a large number of foreign students joining them for the third year of their studies, the staff have brought them to the Rope Course near the beginning of the academic year as a way of encouraging the students to mix and … Read More »

Wrigleys at the Adventure Rope Course

This morning saw me arriving at the Adventure Rope Course at 7.30am to set up for a visit from a regional sales team from Wrigleys. They'd booked themselves into the Albrighton Hall Hotel to enjoy some time together and take a bit of time out from selling chewing gum! Although the four hour session had been billed as 'team building', the emphasis was very much … Read More »