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Moor Park School at the Great Escape

One of the things I really enjoy about my line of work is the variety I get to experience, and the last two days have been a great reminder of how fortunate I am. The Great Escape offers groups a variety of experiences, from structured team building exercises, to paint balling and allowing time for exploration and building fires. Moor Park School brought about 35 of … Read More »

Arthog with Ellesmere Primary School

The last two days have been a little strange for me. My local primary school were sending their Year 6 pupils to Arthog, a Local Authority Outdoor Education Centre on the Welsh West coast. I'm actually Chair of Governors at the school and, with the school being a little short staffed, I found myself being asked to go as a member of the staff team. … Read More »

A Level Glaciation in Cwm Idwal

I live just down the road from Ellesmere College, where I used to teach, and for the last few years they have asked me to take a group of 6th form Geography students into Snowdonia to look at glacial features. In previous years, the trip has been near the start of their time studying glaciation but things slipped a bit this year due to clashes … Read More »

Bushcraft Session at Cefn Lea

Following our day of bushcraft CPD on Wednesday, Chris Hughes, Paul Francis and I found ourselves down at Cefn Lea Conference Centre running a bushcraft session for the men and lads of Carreg Llwyd church in Oswestry. They're spending the weekend at the centre and, as part of their programme of sessions, they asked us to put on a couple of hours of bushcraft for … Read More »

Bushcraft Practice

Although I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, I must admit that 'mod cons' play a significant role in enabling things to happen. For example, it's a lot easier and quicker to get a Jetboil going to cook dinner and make a brew than to try to light a traditional fire in the wind and rain. It saves time and effort and … Read More »

New Technical Advice Section

I often get asked for advice on all sorts of issues related to outdoor activities. From how to pack a rucksack to which shaped canoe hull should someone buy, the variety is staggering. There is a wealth of information and advice on the internet about virtually anything. Sometimes, however, it's not that easy to find what you're looking for. So I've decided to start a new … Read More »

Great Escape with Packwood Haugh

Today, I got to spend the day with 30 boys from Packwood Haugh School at The Great Escape. They actually arrived last night and spent the evening playing various games before spending the night in 10 man tents. By the time I arrived, they were warming themselves by the camp fire after a chilly night under a cloudless sky. The recent heat wave over the … Read More »

The Great Escape with Packwood Haugh School

Today, I found myself working at The Great Escape in South Shropshire with Packwood Haugh, a local independent prep school. The group of 28 youngsters had actually arrived yesterday evening and camped out after a few games. By the time I arrived early this morning, some of them were looking a little damp after a night's intense rain. With breakfast finished off, and sleeping bags packed … Read More »

Active Adventures Holiday Programme Finalised!

Over the last few years, we have been developing a holiday programme of activities for the whole family. The aim has always been to make outdoor activities more accessible for a wide age range. In our efforts to achieve this, we've tweaked the programme each year and are always eager to hear your comments and suggestions. This Summer's programme has just been finalised. The details can … Read More »

Prestfelde’s Great Escape!

It's always interesting to get the opportunity to work somewhere new, and today I had the chance to spend the day at The Great Escape. This is a company based in south Shropshire which offers a range of activities on it's site at Bicton (near Clun) in and around woodland and nearby water features. Today they had a group from Prestfelde School in Shrewsbury visiting for … Read More »