CanoeingIn years gone by, canoeing was used as a means of exploration. Pioneers would attempt to venture inland by paddling upstream as it was easier than battling through forest and carrying kit on your back.

We’re unlikely to take you into uncharted territory, but canoeing still offers a fantastic way to travel in relative comfort. Canoeing is great for building confidence in water, teamwork, and ideally suited to trips and expeditions.

Whether you’re hoping to learn to paddle a canoe solo or in doubles, to go on a mini adventure or simply spend time messing about in boats, we can make it happen.

Canoeing Venues

We are very fortunate to have a number of canoeing venues in our local area which offer a range of environments and experiences.

The Mere (in Ellesmere) has proved very popular for sheltered water introductory and fun sessions.

The Shropshire Union Canal also passes very close by, offering journeys of varying lengths in a relatively controlled environment.

The River Severn, with it’s historic rights of navigation, is just down the road and is very populare for river touring. We have options of various journeys at different points along the river. Some a couple of hours, others half a day, or extending to a full day or even several days on the river. Their’s even a few nice pubs and B&Bs along the way.

The River Dee is also close by, offering a more bouncy experience for those looking to develop white water skills.

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