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Team BuildingTeams are crucial to so many aspects of our lives. Whether it be at home, school, work or play, if we fail to work together effectively, we fall short of our potential and the consequences can have a significant effect on us and those around us. However, if we can pull together as a productive team, we can achieve significantly more and develop a sense of pride and belonging to the team itself.

We want to give your team a nudge in the right direction, so that you can reach that potential, and experience the thrill of being part of an effective, dynamic and supportive unit. Often, simply recognising the strengths and weaknesses of ourselves and others can make a huge difference.

We would like to discuss your objectives and our suggestions, before putting together a package tailored to your team’s needs.

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 Team Building Venues

The demands of each team building session are different, so we try to remain as flexible as possible to deliver what your team needs, and that includes the venue. Most programmes involve at least some time spend outdoors, so a suitable space is necessary. It may be that we can fulfill your requirements at your place of work, but most prefer to get away for such events.

Although we don’t have a set venue for team building programmes, we find that the Adventure Rope Course, near Shrewsbury, is often a suitable location. With a range of group based activities already set up on site, these can be added to to achieve your objectives for the day. Being located in the grounds of the Albrighton Hall Hotel, many clients look to combine the use of the hotel facilities with an active session on the Adventure Rope Course.

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