Archery with the Shropshire Housing Group

The Shropshire Housing Group spent today on the grounds of the Albrighton Hall Hotel, just north of Shrewsbury. This morning was spent indoors in self contained meetings, but they were allowed out to blow off steam during the afternoon with a team from the Adventure Rope Course, which conveniently happens to be on the same site as the hotel, making it ideal for this type of corporate event.

The aim of the afternoon was to have some fun, but we introduced an element of low level competition to enhance the experience for the more competitive in the group. The Team Challenge involves a wide range of activities – rope based, ground based, problem solving, individual and team challenges, all of which earn points for the team. The trick is to earn as many points as possible in the allocated time, as it would be almost impossible to do everything. Alternatively, teams can choose to simply prioritise those activities that they really want to have a go at.

I found myself supervising the archery challenge for the afternoon. Archery sessions usually require a fairly lengthy safety brief and introduction to shooting techniques but, with today’s time pressure, I was quite selective in what was included to enable the teams to have a go and move on with minimum delay. Considering the lack of practice, I was very impressed by the standard of some of the shooting.

It was a very busy afternoon, but great fun. Thanks guys.

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