Families & Parties at the Adventure Rope Course

It was a busy day for me at the Adventure Rope Course, just north of Shrewsbury, with a combination of a family and group of boys this morning and a girls party this afternoon. It meant an early start to get down there and get everything set unready to go. With little idea of what the families would want to do, it meant getting everything ready, so that they had plenty of options.

After brief introductions to the rope course and new faces for everyone, we started on the Climbing Wall. When given the freedom of where to start, this is often an ideal introduction as it gives everyone the opportunity to push themselves as far (or high!) as they wish. It also gives me the chance to see how confident people are before committing to some of the ‘bigger’ activities. Although there was the usual spread of abilities, it was good to see everyone up for giving things a good go, and sufficient confidence in the ropes.

Lucy and her friends
Lucy and her friends

We then moved on to the Crate Stack, which involves building a tower of crates that you and a couple of others are standing on. The greatest challenge with this today was the ability to throw the crates with sufficient accuracy and power to get them up  high enough. This is always one of those activities where it pays to go last, having had the chance to watch other groups and the techniques that did or didn’t work.

The Giant Swing got the next vote, as we winched pairs up to be released into a big arc. This was closely followed by the Adventure Tunnels, which are a bit different for the Adventure Rope Course as it doesn’t involve ropes or height, but often make s a positive and lasting impression. With the limited time that was left, we we headed for the Leap of Faith for those that fancied jumping off a tall pole into thin air – a fairly strange thing to do, but rewarding for the brave!

The afternoon’s session was for an 11th birthday party for Lucy and some of her friends. As it turned out, we had a crack at pretty much the same activities as the morning group. However, with everyone knowing each other that bit better, the banter ran a bit more freely.

It was a great day at the Adventure Rope Course, with perfect weather and lovely people. Thank you to everyone for being such good sports and a particular thank you to Lucy for allowing me to enjoy her birthday with her and her friends.

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