Local Guides Visit the Adventure Rope Course

This evening, Steph and I played host to a group of local Girl Guides who had been treated to a trip to the Adventure Rope Course. Recently, we’ve found a particular combination of activities that seem to work really well when there are enough for 2 groups to work independently for most of the session, but come together at the end. Consequently, we aimed to give the girls the same repetoir of the Climbing Wall, the Leap of Faith, the Adventure Tunnels and the Parachute Simulator, before coming together for the Giant Swing at the end.

Most of my group found the Climbing Wall very difficult. With a few loose holds and nerves that limited their ability to move freely on the wall, many of the girls struggled to pull on the holds in the most effective direction which, in turn, restricted their progress up the wall. However, with perseverance, a few did manage to make their way to the very top.

The Leap of Faith is always one to take a few people past their comfort zone. The platform at the top may only wobble a couple of inches, but it feels a lot more. To make it worse, it’s those that are particularly nervous that end up with shaky legs which make it wobble even more! Again, not everyone made it all the way to the top, but everyone gave in a go, and some made it look remarkably easy.

By the time we got into the Adventure Tunnels, the daylight was starting to fade a bit. It was still fine in the open air, but the enclosed space of the tunnels was definitely less well lit than normal. Some of the girls found it very daunting to start with and took a while to commit to it, but found things fine once their eyes adjusted.

Although we had hoped to do both the Parachute Simulator and the Giant Swing after the Adventure Tunnels, time had run away with us and it was a case of one or the other. The girls opted for the Giant Swing which I think was the right decision, as it’s one of those experiences you never forget. With both groups coming together for this, they worked really hard at winching each other back. It’s always fun to see the expressions on people faces as they release themselves into a swing and, as usual, the eye popping faces were accompanied by their fair share of screams.

I have to say that my group were a pleasure to work with. They were great fun all evening and very supportive of each other. Thanks for a fantastic session.

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