How on earth do 4 people fit on here?!

Adventure Rope Course – Priory School

It’s been a busy few days at the Adventure Rope Course this week. I quite often find myself working with small groups as the only instructor, so it makes a nice change when we have large groups. This time we had 7 groups of 10-12 students from Priory School in Shrewsbury come to the Rope Course on Wednesday, and another 6 groups on Thursday. Fairly hectic.

They didn't look quite so cool once the Giant Swing was actually released!
They didn’t look quite so cool once the Giant Swing was actually released!

With so many people on the various activities, it takes a bit of planning to get the groups working around each other, but still making the most of their time. So, when the group arrived a bit late, we didn’t have much choice but to cut the first session a bit short, making things a bit rushed. However, once we got going, things started to go to plan and all the groups were focussed on their own activities and started to work together really well.

How on earth do 4 people fit up here?!
How on earth do 4 people fit up here?!

I found myself working on the High All Aboard for the day, which is fairly tight on time and requires the whole group to work together to keep everyone safe. The basic challenge is to get up to 4 people on to a small platform on top of a tall pole. It sounds fairly easy but, in practice it can be very difficult. The first person up has a relatively easy time standing on the platform (although they always complain that it wobbles too much) before having to wait for the rest of the team to come up. By the time the forth person is trying to get on the platform, there really isn’t much room left. Grabbing on to hands, legs, waists (anything really) is the order of the day. This is definitely not the activity for those that like to preserve their personal space!

I must say that the students were very enthusiastic and gave it a good go, even if they didn’t all manage to get to the top. If fact the overall attitude of the students on both days was fantastic. Even those that had an obvious fear of heights, managed to push themselves that little bit, giving a sense of achievement probably greater than the majority – brilliant.


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