Inspection for Ellesmere College CCF

Every 2 years, all CCFs (Combined Cadet Forces) are inspected by a high ranking, serving member of Her Majesties Armed Forces. Two years ago the Army section invited Lt Col. Chambers of the Rifles to conduct the inspection, which went very well and the contingent was rewarded with a glowing report. This time, the Navy section invited Lt Col. Armstrong of the Royal Marines, who also happened to be an old boy of the school.

Due to the size of the contingent, between the three services we were able to show the Colonel a variety of the things we get up to. The Navy section were at Whitemere (the home of the Shropshire Sailing Club), where they were involved in sailing, raft building and leadership tasks. The RAF section had some members orienteering, whilst others were taking part in a swimming test. The Army section had some of it’s number shooting in the indoor range, some practicing camouflage and basha building, whilst others ran through section attacks.

Personally, I was involved with supervising the section attacks, so didn’t get to see much of the other activities. However, from what I hear from the cadets, staff and the Colonel’s debrief, thins seemed to have gone very well.

Now all we need to do is wait for the report to come back!

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