Navigation on the Long Mynd

Today I had the great pleasure in spending the day with two great young people, looking at navigation and map work around the Long Mynd area of the Shropshire Hills. They actually live in London, but are up in Shropshire for a couple of weeks during the Summer holiday. While up this way, they’ve signed up to do a couple of courses with the Adventure Experts – a coming together of several local outdoor activity providers.

We met up this morning in Bridges, to the south west of Shrewsbury, and made our way out onto the footpaths after a quick look at general map information. We didn’t go into lots of detail and accurate micro navigation, but covered lots of basic techniques and map interpretation during the course of the day.

With beautiful weather, a great venue and fun company, it turned into a brilliant day for all of us. Thanks for being such good company!

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