Orienteering at Haughmond Hill with Adventure +

Today was the third day of Ellesmere College’s Adventure + holiday programme. After a day of rock climbing, and a day of canoeing, we headed to Haughmond Hill near Shrewsbury for a morning of orienteering on the permanent orienteering course set up by the Wrekin Orienteers.

Due to road closures on the way, we didn’t have as much time as we had hoped for, so we had to change plans slightly. After a quick look at basic map symbols, scales, orientating the map, we sent the group off in pairs for a bit of a competition to see how many points they could find within a time limit.

As is often the case, there was a wide spread of abilities (as well as eagerness to succeed). However, all groups managed to arrive back within 2 minutes of the cut off time which showed at least a degree of ability with maps from all concerned. However, the winning two pairs were awarded a small treat as a reward for their efforts – well done.

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