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3 Day Exercise with Ellesmere College CCF

I work regularly with Ellesmere College CCF, predominantly with the 'Advanced Infantry' which is made up of Year 11 cadets who have already had several years of cadet experience. Once a term, Ellesmere College puts timetabled lessons to one side to enable all it's pupils to experience something different. This term, three days were put aside for 'expeditions' and I found myself running a tactical … Read More »

Oswestry School CCF Exercise

I've been working with Oswestry School for a couple of years now, but had little to do with the military training of the CCF (Combined Cadet Force). This has been due to my regular commitment to another CCF unit that happens on the same afternoon of each week in term time. However, yesterday afternoon I was able to join the Oswestry cadets for the start of … Read More »

Canadian Cadet Climbing Course in North Wales

I've been very privileged to spend the last week working with a group of 6 Canadian Cadets on a rock climbing course in North Wales. They are part of a larger group of cadets that have been selected to come over to the UK for several weeks as part of an exchange. This week, they were based at Capel Curig Training Camp (not far from … Read More »

Ellesmere Cadet Exercise

As Ellesmere College starts to wind down for the end of term, lessons were canceled for 3 days to enable all pupils to get off the school grounds an experience something very different from the classroom. Ellesmere College provides a wide range of extra curricular opportunities and it's 3 day 'expeditions', as they are known, play a significant part in this. The cadets in the Army … Read More »

CCF Inspection

Today was one of those days when you don't get much opportunity to gather your thoughts. I had two jobs on today, both of which were with cadets, but in different places. Oswestry School CCF had their biennial inspection today, for which a high ranking officer from the regular forces comes to see how training is conducted and, hopefully, to give their seal of approval. Oswestry … Read More »

Exercise Shropshire Sweep

This was a 24 hour exercise for cadets from Ellesmere College CCF on the southern end of Nesscliffe Training Area in Shropshire. We have recently been teaching these cadets about orders, particularly the orders process and structure of formal orders. This exercise was designed to give the cadets the opportunity to receive orders, assess how best to fulfill their objectives and deliver their own set … Read More »

Cadet Weekend in Snowdonia

This weekend involved a trip to North Wales with cadets from Oswestry School CCF. Taking advantage of accommodation at Capel Curig Training Camp put us right on the doorstep of some fantastic terrain in which to enjoy a couple of days' hill walking, introducing many of the cadets to this kind of environment for the first time. Due to the winter conditions on many of … Read More »