Climbing with Ranjit at Wolf Mountain

It’s been a while since I’ve been out climbing with Ranjit. He was actually responsible for introducing me to the world of climbing a number of years ago now, but we don’t often find the opportunity to get out together these days. However, with things still a bit quiet after the Christmas holidays, today was the perfect chance.

Ranjit warming up
Ranjit warming up

With the weather a bit cold, wet and windy it wasn’t really a day for standing around at the base of a crag. I offered to take Ranjit to Wolf Mountain, in Wolverhampton, as he hadn’t been before and it’s always nice to explore new places. Having retreated to an indoor wall because of the cold, it was a bit ironic just how cold it was in there today. It’s not often that I’ve needed a down jacket at an indoor wall!

However, we had a great day messing about on the bouldering wall before venturing onto the roped climbs. Ranjit tends to have more natural ability than me when it comes to climbing technique, so usually puts me to shame. There wasn’t much change on this front today, but I took great pleasure in managing one particular route first time, when Ranjit hardly succeeded in getting off the ground. There’s no doubting that he’s the better climber, but sometimes you have to grasp these small victories!

Thanks Ranjit, for a fantastic day out on the wall. I just hope we can find another opportunity before too long.

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