Shrewsbury High School Return to the Adventure Ropes Course

For the last couple of years, the staff from Shrewsbury High School have brought some of their girls to the Adventure Ropes Course as a treat after the completion of the DofE expedition. You might expect, with the end of term just around the corner, that they would be very excitable. To some extent this tends to be true, but tempered slightly by a recent lack of sleep and lots of physical exertion during their expeditions.

Due to the large numbers, we had 6 groups working their way around a cycle of activities. The Crate Stack, Jacob’s Ladder, Adventure Tunnels, High All Aboard, Leap of Faith and Giant Swing were all in operation, although each group only managed to have a go at 3 as that was all time would allow. Many seemed disappointed not to have been able to have a go at more, but I guess they’ll have to come back another time!

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