A Stroll on the Carneddau

In recent weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time hill walking on my own in Scotland in preparation for my Winter Mountain Leader assessment at the end of this month. It’s great practice to be on your own as all the decisions, good or bad, are down to you alone and you enjoy (or not) the consequences. There’s no looking to someone else to make the difficult decisions, and no one else to blame when it goes wrong! However, I feel that the outdoors is their to be shared. As a result I was delighted when Chris Hughes, a friend and local outdoor instructor, suggested that we got out for a day.

Chris enjoying a breather
Chris enjoying a breather

We parked near Llyn Ogwen and made our way up into Ffynnon Lloer. After spending so much time in the Scottish snow recently, it took a little while to get used to walking on Welsh bog again. Having said that, Chris was the one that nearly fell in the stream – I’m not sure that he appreciated my chuckles! From here, we headed up the East ridge of Pen yr Ole Wen, which involves a bit of a scramble at points. Nothing too taxing, but adds a bit of interest and variety to the day.

After the summit, the weather closed in and we headed for the shelter provided by the cairn on the way to Carnedd Dafydd for a bit of lunch, before descending the south facing slopes to the East of Ffynnon Lloer back to the car.

It was neither a long or difficult day, but it was great to get out with Chris and have some time to put the world to rights.

One thought on “A Stroll on the Carneddau”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve put on a few pounds or that photograph makes me look more portly than I am.

    It was good day on the hill and we ought to sort another one before the diaries get too full.

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