Sixth Form Climbing at Concord College

Just starting the overhang
Just starting the overhang

Today was the second day of Concord College’s activity sessions designed at getting their sixth form students (both new and old) interacting and building relationships outside of the classroom. Although the day’s program was set to run all day, I was only available for the morning due to a previous work commitment, which was a shame but didn’t get in the way of a good morning’s climbing on the wall. With group sizes back down to about 9 (after yesterday’s 15 with the lower school pupils), it felt very calm and easy in comparison.

Monday’s experience had taught me that the climbing wall presented quite a challenge for most, while the overhang was virtually impossible for mere mortals. Consequently, I set the ropes up slightly differently so as to avoid the overhang completely. However, there were one or two students that, having managed the normal routes, were determined to have a crack at the overhang – who was I to hold them back! In spite of very brave and determined efforts, it wasn’t long before fingers and forearms gave way to the relentless demands of climbing overhangs, but it certainly left a target for the future.

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