Prestfelde at the Adventure Rope Course

I was back at the Adventure Rope Course again today, but this time with the kids from the Prestfelde summer school. Many of the older pupils from Prestfelde have been to the Rope Course on a number of occasions in the past. The school runs a program called Prestfelde Plus which encourages pupils to get involved in a wide variety of activities outside of the class room. Some of that has involved sessions at the Adventure Rope Course. However, for some of them, this was their first visit and everything must have looked pretty daunting.

Tackling the 'roof' on the feature wall
Tackling the 'roof' on the feature wall

I seem to have been at the Adventure Rope Course so often recently that the days all seem to be merging in my brain – slightly worrying really! However, I have vivid memories of many of the kids struggling with the overhang on the Feature Climbing Wall. This is certainly far from straight forward and those that managed it, especially the shorter members of the group, should be well pleased with themselves.

We also had lots of nerves and hesitation at the top of the Leap of Faith as brave souls mustered op the courage to throw themselves off the wobbly platform. The Adventure Tunnels were, once again, a popular option as the kids encountered a wide variety of obstacles and dead ends as they worked their way to the top of the tower.

The Giant Swing always seems to capture people’s imagination. The screams as they ‘pull the pin’ on the quick release mechanism are always highly entertaining for everyone on the ground. It never ceases to amaze me how, after scaring themselves silly, people are so keen to do it again and again!

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