Ellesmere College at the Adventure Rope Course

Climbing Wall
Using body position on the climbing wall

Day 4 of Ellesmere College’s Adventure + Easter holiday club took them to the Adventure Rope Course at the Albrighton Hall Hotel, on the northern edge of Shrewsbury. Most of the group had done some climbing on an indoor wall with me on Tuesday, so were still familiar with belaying, but the additional height pushed some of them out of their comfort zones.

There is a very clear policy at the Adventure Rope Course of allowing each individual the freedom to decide how far they want to push themselves. However, it is interesting to see how most people still choose to push themselves beyond where they feel comfortable. That was the case once again today, where a number of the young people showed determination to achieve something they wouldn’t have believed possible before their visit. There were certainly a few refusals along the way, but I was delighted to see how supportive and encouraging the kids were to one another.

High All Aboard
A helping hand at the top of the High All Aboard

During their time at the Rope Course, they had a go on the climbing wall, the high all aboard, the parachute simulator, the adventure tunnels and some managed the leap of faith as well. It was certainly a busy visit with a lot of laughs, squeals, a few legs turned to jelly, and smiles all round by the end. Not a bad afternoon out.

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